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Transmission Repair Whitewater KS

Farmer's Transmission Repair is independently owned and operated by Stephen & Kristin Thiessen and is a family owned and operated facility operating with the same management and ownership since 1979!   Stephen Thiessen began Farmer's Repair & Supply in June 1979. It was located in the heart of Kansas farmland, near the town of Whitewater. The company began doing repair work to farm machinery, tractors, combines and harvest trucks thus the name Farmer's Repair. During the summer months, the demand was extreme, but when the harvest was over, Steve needed more work to keep busy during the winter months. This is how Steve and his wife Kristin came to work with transmissions.

Today, we specialize in the repair and maintenance of transmissions, from the smallest transmission all the way to the Allison truck transmissions. In addition, Farmer's Transmission Repair is the only transmission shop in the state of Kansas that has an in house driveline shop allowing us to help eliminate vibration problems.


We use the Trans-X 2000 to help in diagnosing transmission failures. The Trans-X allows us to separate the transmission from the car's computer, so we can accurately diagnose where the problem is. We also have the state of the art Hot Flush Machine to properly clean and inspect the vehicles' cooling system. Our Answermatic, valve body tester, has proved invaluable in allowing our technicians to customize each valve body to its particular car and locate leaks.